PG SOFT™ prides itself to be the world’s leading slots content provider. After two years of continuous experimentation and development, PG SOFT™ is thrilled to be announcing the official launch of our products. Gamers and operators would be in for a surprise, judging from the myriad of games available.

PG SOFT™ was founded in 2015. To date, the development team has produced 20 games in various game genres, such as HONEY TRAP OF DIAO CHAN, FORTUNE GODS, SUMMON & CONQUER, TREE OF FORTUNE and MEDUSA Series etc. Combining superior storytelling and gameplay mechanics, PG SOFT™ games packed its own distinctive traits, a key element in creativity gaming production.

Meticulously crafted in-game environments and motion-graphic productions go in synonymous with dynamic sound effects to produce Hollywood-quality products that are capable of traversing gamers to the immersive play universe. The RPG-infused games is a great demonstration. Take on the role of a protagonist, conquer stages of labyrinthine and destroy monsters to upgrade inventory tools and gain rewards.

Fusing unbounded creativity and cutting-edge technologies, PG SOFT™ is on the pilgrimage to creating groundbreaking graphics and gratifying gaming experience for our players.