30 November 2017, London - PG SOFT has spent two years and more than 600 days, with the efforts of PG team. And now, PG SOFT proud to be announced has officially launched and open to the market.

As the world’s first vertical online games development company, PG SOFT™'s philosophy is to revolutionise mobile app gamification by leveraging on our innovation idea, and through the mobile device to present the most perfect products for the clients.

Every products that is the craftsman work of the professional team which includes in Maths and Designs. They rewrite rules of algorithms and delve into the difficult task of orchestrating millions of code. Each game take more than 6 months to develop and the most important is that we established across well-regulated jurisdictions to ensure that licensing requirements are met.

Subversion of the tradition gameplay, PG SOFT is the first entrance in the market of vertical online interface. PG SOFT provides excellent visual and audio production, and captivating gameplay that deliver unrivalled gaming experience to clients.

As PG Soft slogan “Difference Makes the Difference”. We believe that, creativity and innovative of PG Soft will stand out in the market of video games.

Stay tuned.