‘Steampunk: Wheel of Destiny’ has officially launched. This brand-new game will bring you into the Fourth Dimension, where you will be transformed into a time traveller, unlocking the wheel of destiny! Will you be able to manipulate your chances of wealth and destiny?

The game style is distinctive and unique. The three-tiered roulette uses steam to rotate its gears, symbolizing the circle of life in the universe. Day and night, light and dark, all according to the order of the universe. How will the time traveller be able bend time and space to change destiny in his favour?

Travel to the Fourth Dimension, become a time traveller, and unlock the three-tiered Sun, Moon and Stars roulette! A wheel that turns perpetually to match the interstellar symbols. If one of the symbols on the Shuffler match the symbol on the roulette, you will be rewarded with re-spins! Once both Shufflers have matching symbols with the roulette, you will be rewarded with a bonus game!

Put your luck to the test! The bonus game mode contains 8 tiles, each when removed will have the ability to affect your final winning prize amount!

Will you be the next lucky time traveller? Traverse through the Fourth Dimension and change your destiny and wealth!

This game platform supports iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, and Web HTML5.